ISPO Digitize Summit 2018

ISPO Digitize

Welcome to the future of the sports business.

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The digital transformation is the biggest growth driver of the future and fundamentally changes the sports industry. ISPO has been following this change from the very beginning - and with ISPO Digitize it created a new format for the digital future of the sport business. 

ISPO Digitize Pioneers Night with Tony Hawk

ISPO Digitize will celebrate the future of sports with a party kicked-off by a pioneer, the one and only skateboard legend Tony Hawk. Since Hawk's first ‘900’ in 1999, when he brought skateboarding to a completely new level, his name and digital likeness got attached to some of the most beloved console games of all time. He merged sports and gaming and therefore embodies a connection between digital sports and physical sports. With eSports being recognised as part of sports by ISPO, it is a connection that is more actual than ever before. Tony Hawk symbolizes the culture of entrepreneurship in sports - of being curios, ambitious and open-minded about the technical and digital evolution. Important attributes for pioneers in digitalization.
Don’t miss his opening speech at the ISPO Digitize Pioneers Night, where the industry comes together to discuss the digital future of sports and to celebrate the unknown.

Where: ISPO Digitize, hall C6
When: February 4, 2019, 17:40