Mega trends spring/summer 2020


With the onslaught of technology It doesn’t have to be a complex situation or a daily roller coaster ride of man vs. machine. We can achieve a harmonious existence. With artificial Intelligence (AI ) and intelligent augmentation (IA ) influencing all sectors of our lives, one area this technology can’t do is mimic human emotions. This is an area we need to pursue but we need the time to do that, in order to make the most of downtime, as we continue to pursue a healthier lifestyle. 
Textiles and trims are set to pursue a more emotive state, reacting to the body and external conditions in allowing the consumer to achieve goals through to natural highs in and exhilaration. This emotional mega trend continues to pursue the ‘active living,' sector opening up new markets for a wider range of performance as multi-function and added value become par for the course.

Welcome the technology but use it to our advantage, as we bond the old with the new and embrace it to our benefit. Instead of balking at the rapid progress technology continues to make, welcome with open arms, embrace it and use it to our advantage. Face up to it and bring it on! It is time to take back control and reignite our cognitive thinking and enjoy the emotional side of our lives.

Mega Trend Emotions 2020

Big Bang

There's no escaping the changes that are happening with the digital revolution continuing to accelerate at a rapid rate. We need to act smart, not just psychologically but also coming through with smarter technology and smarter textile processing and garment manufacturing. With bots communicating for us, robots manufacturing garments and accessories, technologies revolutionizing human thought, creativity and communication, this is going to influence all aspects of our lives in a more efficient manner.
In turn, the textile chain will also take on a smarter approach, as technological innovation influences all sectors. From super high level intelligent fabrics to self-healing bio-based synthetics, wearable technologies and holographic systems. These are key influences that will see the sports and outdoors markets reach new levels.

Micro robotics and sensors will become an integral part of apparel and accessories, as they react to  the wearers demands. Self cleaning fabrics, multi-functional membranes and accelerated performance will feature. The sustainable aspect of incorporating this influx of new processes will result in more efficient end products cradle-to cradle. A vision of the future -  we aren’t quite in an utopian state, but we are fast approaching.


Mega Trend Big Beng 2020

Old Skool

‘Old is Kool’ as the consumer continues to shift to a sense of protection and longing. Living in a fast world, with ‘fake news’ and 24 hour information, there needs to be a return to tactility and feeling. Millennials are intrigued by the less efficient past were individual items were essential before being replaced by the ubiquitous smart phone. Disconnecting from the daily controlled environment, there is a freedom to this mega trend and this is set to influence the market. 
A  sense of tradition, honesty and honor with a kick of today’s modern technology meeting a more sophisticated market hones this direction. This mega trend inspires softer touch, natural nuance and a sense of modesty. Old favorites reemerge but with a modern technicity, as bots and apps are left behind and traditional activities pursued. 
The sports and outdoors industry must react to this ‘old skool' thinking, but also the influence it has on taking a step back, embracing a slower way of life and experiencing new activities. The ‘slow’ movement is gaining ground in all areas of our lives. This isn’t renouncing technology, this is still key to our existence, but it is about having more social responsibility and the right to express our need to disconnect. 

Respect comes into play, influencing the longevity of garments and a righteous approach to environment issues. ‘Make to waste’ is no longer a feasible option , as this generation is looking for quality combined with creativity,  topped off with the technicity they are used to. Lets revise those traditions of the past and rework to benefit a more balanced lifestyle.

Mega Trend Old Skool 2020


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